We firmly believe in using locally grown, organic and sustainable produce
whenever possible. Our beef is natural grass-fed, our Jidori Farms chicken is
certified organic, and our seafood comes in fresh every morning from around
the world. We cook only with extra virgin olive oil, 10-year aged balsamic
vinegar, natural sea salt and imported Grana Padano aged at least 18
months. Our bread, is guaranteed 100% vegan and our salad dressings are
made in-house.
Il Piccolino is a small restaurant and our food is always fresh since we only
buy quantities appropriate for each day, so it is possible that on occasion we
may run out of certain products at night.
Our renowned pesto sauce is made fresh, daily from an original Genovese
recipe. Our Tarte Tatin and Chocolate Mousse are also made in-house daily,
and like all our dishes, are created carefully following our traditional family
recipes. We are very proud and happy to share all of our delicious dishes
with you.
Silvio De Mori and Eddie Kerkhofs